vendredi 13 mars 2015

Grilled Turkey

Yield: 1 Servings
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On a large Webers (round, covered, charcoal grill):
Picking the turkey:
Get a flat one otherwise the top of the turkey sticks to the
underside of the cover. This is only a problem with the 14+ lb. size
turkeys. Make sure it is not selfbasting. Fresh is best.
Get the charcoal to the greying over stage, shift half the coals to
one side, the other half to the other side, put a foal drip pan down
the center (you can use drippings in this pan for the gravy, but a
lot will burn away).
Do NOT stuff the turkey other than a few onions or garlics. (I forget
why, but it is important not to do so). Slather the turkey up with
vegetable oil and season (salt/pepper). Loosely truss up the legs.
Put on a poultry rack.
Put the turkey in the rack in the center of the grill over the drip
pan. Cover the grill. Add 23 coals per side every half hour. Cook
1113 minutes per pound (eg. 132156 minutes for a 12 pound turkey).
You can add wood chips for smoked flavor if desired to the coals just
before you put the turkey in. Add more as time goes on.
The turkey meat comes out absolutely moist as moist can be, even the
white meat. You may want to foil protect the wings if they start to
look a little *too* golden brown towards the end of the cooking.

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