mercredi 10 décembre 2014

Grilled Summer Vegetables.

Yield: 4 Servings
2 sm aubergines
3 courgettes
1 yellow pepper de-seeded
1 red pepper de-seeded
15 ml 1 tbsp olive oil.
15 ml 1 tbsp wine vinegar.
1 clove garlic,crushed
5 ml 1 tsp fresh oregano,Chopped
1 black pepper.,Ground
Cut the aubergine into quarter inch slices. Cut the courgettes
diagonally into 1 cm half inch slices. Cut the peppers into large
slices. Mix the oil, vinegar, garlic, oregano and black pepper in a
large bowl. Add the vegetables. Cover with the mixture and leave to
marinade for at least one hour. Cook the vegetables on a barbecue or
under a hot grill until just tender, basting frequently.

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