jeudi 27 novembre 2014

Grilled Rack Of Lamb W/ Plum Glaze & Oven D

Yield: 8 Servings
3 freedom (or other variety)
-plums (abo,ut 1 lb)
1 T honey
1 jalapeno pepper,thinly
-sliced,inc,luding seeds
2 T sugar
1 1/2 t red-wine vinegar
2 t lime juice
2 racks of lamb (about 3 1/2
-lb total,)
1 salt & pepper,Freshly Ground
1 oven plums (separate,Dried
1 thyme sprigs,for garnish
1. Quarter plums; remove pits. Combine plums, honey, jalapeno,
vinegar, and lime juice in a small nonreactive saucepan. Cook over
low heat until plums are very soft and juice is slightly thickened,
about 30 minutes, If plums are not juicy, add water a little at a
time during cooking to avoid scorching. Remove from heat, strain, and
discard solids.
2. Heat grill or cast-iron grill pan. Season lamb well with salt and
pepper and wrap bones with foil to prevent burning. Grill lamb fat
side down for 5 minutes, brush with plum glaze, and turn over. Repeat
glaz- ing every minute or so thereafter. For rare lamb, cook until it
reaches an internal temperature of 135', 10 to 12 minutes; cook
longer for medium or well, Let the meat rest for 10 minutes after
3. Toss Oven Dried Plums with some of the remalmng glaze. Carve
into chops. Serve 2 chops per person with the glazed plums; Garnish
with sprigs of thyme.

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