vendredi 18 avril 2014

Oriental Pea Pods And Carrots

  Servings:  2

    1/4 c  Water
      1 T  Soy Sauce
      1 t  Cornstarch
      1 x  Dash Crushed Red Pepper
      1 ea Med. Carrot *
      2 t  Water
      3 oz Frozen Pea Pods
      2 T  Broken Walnuts
      1 t  Butter or Margarine

  *    Medium Carrot should be thinly sliced just very approximately a inclined scrape (bias).
  In a custard cup excite together 1/4 c water, soy sauce, cornstarch, and
  crushed red pepper.  Micro-chef, outside, on the order of 100% proficiency for 1 to 1 1/2
  minutes or till thickened and bubbly, taking place all 30 seconds.  Place
  the carrot in a 20-ounce casserole.  Sprinkle behind 2 t water.  Micro-chef,
  covered, regarding 100% gift for 2 1/2 minutes.  Drain.  Toss together carrot,
  pea pods, and walnuts; mount occurring butter or margarine.  Micro-cook, covered, not in the set against off from
  100% aptitude not quite 1 1/2 minutes or till the vegetables are crisp-longing.
  Toss once than the soy sauce mix.

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