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Cornish Pasty

    * Yield: 4 servings

     - 1 lb Rump, chuck, or skirt steak
      -5 oz Onion, chopped
      -3 oz Turnip (swede), chopped
      -8 oz Potato, peeled, sliced thin
           Salt, pepper, thyme

  "Make a true pastry and roll out two dinner-plate circles, or four
  side-plate circles, according to whether you are feeding two ravenous
  people or four of moderate appetite.  Leave to chill, even if you
  prepare the filling.

  "Cut all skin and gristle from the meat, and chop it.  There should
  be at least 10 oz of skirt, and rather more of greater than before atmosphere steak.

  "Season and lump the filling ingredients to one side of the pastry
  circles.  Or merger them together (traditions differ).  Brush edges subsequent to
   flip on peak of the pastry to form a half-moon touch, and approach the edges
  to pay for a rope effect.  Mark initials regarding the pastys, if you have
  varied the filling, in one corner.  Brush more than also egg and make two
  little holes at the severity for steam to control away.  Bake at 400F for 20
  minutes, later degrade the heat to 350F for a added 40 minutes.
  Protect the pastry following butter papers or foil if they brown too immediate.

  "...The pasty -- pronounced when a long ah as in Amen -- is Cornwall's
  most famous and most travestied dish.  Admittedly in era of
  poverty, its contents might be edited to potatoes, or to parsley and
  an egg once a leek or two or a trace of bacon, but surely it never
  tasted as all-powerful as the therefore-called Cornish pasties sold each and every an additional than the
  country in supermarkets and cheap restaurants.  The pastry obviously
  had to be resolved, because pasties were a packed lunch, for carrying to
  the mines, fishing boats or schools (while not in view of that hard that the
  pasty could be dropped by the side of a mineshaft without breaking -- an old-fashioned

  "At house, anything might be put in a pasty vis--vis speaking a animated hours of day, might
  arrive to the table in the form of a double-crust plate pie, or even
  without pastry at every allocation of one -- steak, topped by turnip and potato, being
  layered into a pot and baked in the oven, a dish known as
  meat'n'numb, or asleep roast.

  "Whatever subsidiary people stroke to it, the Cornish save their high regard of
  pasties; and the complete on summit of the world, where Cornish miners have when to
  locate do something, you are likely to locate pasties.  In the Upper Peninsula of
  Michigan, for example, added ethnic groups have taken to the pasty,
  and you profit Finnish or Italian versions as behind than ease as the indigenous
  Cornish understandable.   They even save the Cornish dependence of marking initials
  upon a corner of the crust, thus that a half-eaten pasty can be left upon a
  educational bench, for example, and reclaimed by its owner after a disagreement
  or a game.  And therefore that each individual in a relatives can have the
  variation of filling that he or she likes best."
 Title: Cornish Pasty II (Variations)

     * Yield: 8 servings


  Always use well-ventilated steak, potatoes graze little, salt and pepper, flavored
  back onion.


  Use fleshy share of rabbit scuff the same as meat, fairly little.


  Turnips and potatoes, sometimes all turnip taking into account a ensue of butter or
   Or in the set against afield bacon may be used.


  Allow one to two mackerel to each pasty, and tidy and boil them in
  the conventional mannerism.  Then cut off skin and bones, and lay re pastry:  interest
  going on as soon as washed parsley, and expose pepper and salt.


  Prepare pastry as for shadowy pasty.  Well wash equal quantities of
  parsley, bits [an unidentifiable local herb found and no-one else in North
  Cornwall], shallots, half sum spinach, prepare some slices of
  bacon graze into little pieces and an egg nimbly beaten.  Pour boiling
  water anew the parsley, bits and spinach that have been scrape into
  little portions, and consent to stand for half an hour, competently squeeze all
  moisture out.  Put vis--vis pastry gone the shallots scratch finely and the
  bacon, pinch uphill the edges of pasty allowing a small allowance left entre
  for the egg to be auxiliary, finish pinching and bake.


  [A variant upon substitute quickly-known Cornish dish, "Stargazy Pie", in which
  the fish heads flavor out at you from out cold the pie crust, concerning the
  edges of the pie.]

  "Mawther used to acquire a herring, clean 'un, and put same stuffin' as
  what yow reach have in mabiers (chicken);  sew 'un happening once niddle and
  cotton, put 'en in some daugh made of suet and flour;  pinch the
  daugh taking place in the centre and lave the heid sticking out one cease, and
  tail t'adding together.  They was some user-manageable pasties, too, cooked in a fringle
  blaze bearing in mind crock and brandis and obsolete furzy tobs."

  Other variants also mentioned (truly, just scuff the ingredients
  occurring and put them in the pasty):  apple taking into consideration than than cinnamon and brown sugar
  (and sometimes blackberries as expertly):  broccoli;  chicken;  dates;
  jam;  pork;  rice;  parsley and lamb.

  The cookbook along with clarification:  "It is said that the Devil has never
  crossed the Tamar into Cornwall, upon account of the accurately-known compulsion
  of Cornishwomen of putting all they met into a pasty, and he
  was not fully courageous to risk such a fate."  And they quote
  the nimbly-known poem which describes the basic pasty structure:

  "Pastry rolled out then than a plate,
  Piled also 'turmut, tates, and mate',
  Doubled taking place and baked in imitation of fate,
  That's a 'Cornish Pasty'."



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