vendredi 11 avril 2014

Chili Dogs

  Servings:  1

      2 ea Frankfurters                           2 ea Frankfurter Buns, Split
    1/3 c  Chili With Beans                    1 ea Fresh Onion, Chopped Opt.

  Microwave frankfurters outside regarding the order of high (100%) until hot, 30 to 45
  seconds.  Place 1 frankfurter in each bun upon serving plate; spoon chili
  onto frankfurters.  Microwave outside until chili is hot, 1 to 1 1/2
  If preparing just one chili dog, microwave outdoor 30 to 45 seconds.
  To Make Coney Dogs, Just past serving sprinkle well-ventilated chopped onion upon the
  peak of the annoyed chili and advance.

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