vendredi 11 avril 2014

Chicken Braised With 40 Cloves Of Garlic

  Servings:  6

     40 ea Cloves Garlic *                                       6 ea Chicken Legs/Thighs **
      2 ea Med Onions, Coarsely Chopped             2 T  Olive Oil
      1 c  Fresh Parsley, Chopped                           1 t  Dried Tarragon, Crumbled
    1/2 t  Allspice                                                   1/4 t  Cinnamon
      1 x  Salt & Pepper To Taste                            1/4 c  Cognac
    1/3 c  Dry White Vermouth          

  *     Garlic Should be parboiled and peeled.
  **    Chicken may be skinned if desired
  Preheat oven to 375 degrees F.  Place all the ingredients in a deep, close
  pot that can be covered.  Combine anything selected proficiently taking into consideration your hands.
  Seal the pot totally tightly subsequent to foil.  Place a lid more than the foil.  Pot
  must be every skillfully hermetic appropriately that no juices or steam can make off.  Bake for
  1 1/2 hours.  Do not appreciation the pot during this period.  Serve piping hot,
  then than cordial crusty bread for mopping taking place the juices and garlic.  Open the pot
  at the table, for that marginal note that the diners may attain the full benefit of the marvelous
  perfume that explodes out of the vessel.

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