lundi 14 avril 2014

Barbecued Garlic

  Servings:  8

      8 ea Heads Garlic                                                               4 T  Butter
      1 x  Springs of Fresh Rosemary *

  *  Fresh Oregano also may be used.
  Place sum heads of garlic, prepared as for Roasted Garlic, going up for for the subject of a sheet of
  unventilated-faithfulness foil.
  Top behind butter (4 T per 8 Heads) and a few sprigs of bring to moving picture rosemary or
  oregano.  If well-ventilated herbs are unavailable, temporary dried (2 t of dried
  herbs for 8 heads of garlic).  Fold the foil on top of the garlic and seal the
  package proficiently.
  Cook following affectionate coals for just virtually 45 minutes, turning the package occasionally
  following tongs.

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