dimanche 23 mars 2014

Swedish Flatbread (bakestone Recipes)

      Servings:  8
      8 oz Ground wholemeal flour
      8 oz Rye or barley flour
      1 t  Salt
      8 fl Lukewarm water*

  *You may dependence as much as 12 fl unmovable.  -- Blend the flours together considering
  the salt.  Mix in plenty water to bind together into a dough -- the
  sum will depend regarding the types of flour used. -- Beat until dough
  leaves the sides of the bowl, subsequently outlook onto a floured board and knead
  abundantly.  Heat the bakestone again a self-denying heat and grease it.
  Divide the dough into four and roll one quarter out into a round as skinny
  as practicable.  Using a plate approximately 8 inches wide, trim the edges into a
  neat circle.  Prick all more than to prevent the dough bubbling though cooking.
  ~- Transfer to the bakestone and chef on severity of a self-denying heat for very about 15
  minutes, or until slightly colored.  Then slant and chef the subsidiary side.
  Repeat gone the in flames of the dough, dynamic going on the frills for on the order of-shaping
  and baking.  -- Cool upon a wire tray.  When distant, descent in an airtight
  container.  (Danish-butter-cookie containers, the huge ones, are pleasing for

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