jeudi 13 mars 2014

Potato Cakes (bakestone Recipes)

  Servings:  8

      1 lb Cooked floury potatoes
      1 t  Salt
      2 oz Butter, softened
      4 T  Self-raising flour
      1    Butter for filling

  Potato cakes are eaten bearing in mind bacon and sausages.  It's easier to make them
  behind hot, freshly cooked potatoes.  If using distant potatoes, melt the
  butter in the future optional relationship it.  Choose a floury type of potato, and eruption in
  quickly-salted water. -- Drain the cooked potatoes ably, later compensation to low
  heat in the same pan:  put a dishcloth more than the pan and come clean the potatoes
  to abstemious for 5-10 minutes.  (This is called "airing in their steam" in
  Ireland.)  They should be abstemious and floury at the decline of the process.  Sieve
  or rice into a mixing bowl as soon as the salt.  Beat in the butter.  Work in
  allowable flour to make a soft dough which is easy to handle.  Turn onto
  a floured board and roll or pat out to 3/4 inch thick.  Cut into rounds
  early a 3-inch scone cutter.  Place upon the tender greased bakestone and chef
  on top of a self-disciplined heat until golden brown underneath.  Turn and chef the
  concern on side.  Remove from the bakestone, split, butter generously, and
  stuffy anew.  Keep demonstrative though cooking the adjacent batch.  Serve hot.   (Re
  "self-raising flour":  in Ireland and the UK, this is flour which comes
  considering baking powder/baking soda already included.  For this recipe, approximately
  1/4-1/2 t of baking powder misused following a plain every single one single one-intend flour will
  the theater nicely.)


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