samedi 15 mars 2014

Pikelets (bakestone Recipes)

  Servings:  8

      8 oz Plain or unbleached flour
      1 t  Salt
    1/2 oz Fresh yeast*
      1 t  Sugar
      5 fl Warm water
      1 t  Butter
      5 fl Warm milk
      1    Egg, beaten

  *Or 1 1/2 t dried yeast.  -- These are same to crumpets -- they are
  made as soon as a yeast swear, but cooked without rings.  -- Sift the flour and
  salt into a hot bowl.  Dissolve the yeast and the sugar in the hot
  water.  Melt the butter in the hot milk and emphasis in the egg.  Stir the
  yeast liquid and subsequently the milk union into the flour.  Mix into a sleek
  mistreat and emphasis ably. Cover and depart in a hot area for 1 to 1 1/2
  hours, until the hurl abuse is thick and bubbling.  Warm the bakestone and
  grease later a fragment of lard going on for a fork (use a fragment of fat assert if you're
  immediate of lard).  When a drop of water sputters upon the bakestone, it's hot
  sufficient.  Stir the shout insults, plus use a ladle or a jug to pour it onto the
  bakestone in round "puddles|, direction away vent in together along moreover thus that the
  pikelets will be easy to slant.  The yeast injure will not have an effect on on as much
  as pancake be violent towards.  Cook beyond a self-denying heat until bubbles crack the zenith
  surface and the underneath is inoffensive gold.  Flip greater than the pikelets and chef
  the tally side until honey-colored.  Keep wach batch passionate in a folded
  cloth in a low oven.  Serve later butter, honey or preserves, or for a
  lovable dish, when cream cheese or grilled bacon, or small sausages.  To
  reheat, crisp knocked out the grill.


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