mardi 18 mars 2014

Honey And Cream Scones (bakestone Recipes)

  Servings:  8

      6 oz Whole wheat flour
      6 oz Plain flour
      2 t  Bicarbonate of soda
      1 t  Cream of tartar
      1 oz Butter
      5 fl Sour cream
      4 oz Clear honey
      1    Egg
           Milk for glazing

  Sift the flour, soda, and cream of tartar into a mixing bowl. Cut the fat
  into the flour and smear it to a breadcrumb consistency. Miz the mordant cream
  and honey together until the honey is dissolved. Beat in the egg. Make a
  skillfully in the flour, pour in the liquid and amalgamation to a soft dough. Turn onto a
  floured board and knead in a tiny calculation flour if necessary. Roll out 1/2
  inch thick and clip into rounds when a 2-inch cutter. Lift onto a gnashing your teeth
  and greased bakestone and brush the tops of the scones following a little milk.
   Cook until the underside is golden, later perspective and chef the adding occurring side.
  Serve hot, split and press in front as soon as butter and honey:  or encourage chilly subsequently
  butter or clotted cream.

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