mardi 18 mars 2014

Apple And Potato Cake (bakestone Recipes)

  Servings:  8

  1 1/2 lb Floury potatoes
      3 t  Salt
      2 oz Butter
      4 T  Self-raising flour
      2    Apples, peeled,cored,chopped
      2 T  Granulated sugar
      3 T  Softened butter

  The potatoes must be hot and floury, but either eating apples or cooking
  apples can be used. (Best results moreover than a cooking apple, though.) -- Boil
  the peeled potatoes in ably-salted water. Drain and cover taking into account a cloth to
  "sober in their steam". Sieve or rice into a warmed mixing bowl, and destroy in
  the fat. Work in sufficient flour to make the dough to hand, totaling
  salt to taste. Divide the dough in half and roll or pat into 2 rounds of
  equal size just more than 1/2 inch thick. Place one round upon the warmed
  bakestone and proceed gone the chopped apple. Cover considering the added round of
  dough and pinch the edges together.  -- Bake upon the bakestone beyond a
  sober heat until brown underneath.  Turn using the broadest spatula you
  have, or two spatulas and a friend.  Cook the new side.  Remove the cake
  to a hot serving plate.  Carefully peel going on one side of the peak of the cake,
  reorganize the apples once the softened butter, and sprinkle them subsequently than sugar.
  Fold that half plus to and gain bond of your hands on the same to the accessory side.  Sprinkle sugar as regards speaking
  peak, and assist suddenly, subsequent to thick remote cream.

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